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Tags: x bil mærkat, vinyl spangle, yao shun base, paryk burugundy, tower pc 16gb, teleyi jakke, vibe p1m krop, summers frock, tærte maskiner.

  • Element Type: ekstra gebyr
    farve: black

  • Anmeldelser (4)

    • Vfhfrfcrf

      Very unhappy. The first q pedi did not turn off and did not turn on again. You 've made Me pay you 5e and peak more to send me a new one. Which I 've been trying to connect. All day long and I give it x impossible, so in the end I paid two watches for nothing.

    • Beornegar

      Buon rapporto qualità/prezzo. L'orologio si presenta bene come da descrizione. Aspetto elegante e sobrio. Ottima comunicazione con il venditore. Consegna veloce .

    • Sekocando

      Seller is super!

    • Antonioable


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